Monday, 29 August 2011


It was a hot afternoon sometime around May and i had to go visit a doctor. I still had some time so i decided to take a stroll outside as it was very suffocating in the waiting lounge (I needed some air, not that i njoy being in hot sun !)

I heard a faint voice, it was somenbody crying, as i followed it i saw a little girl (must be around 4-5 yrs of age) lying on a pile of sand (some construction work was going on there). You can imagine how hot sand can get under the sun ! So i rushed to her asking why she was crying and why she was lying there but she didnot reply. I asked her about her parents but still no reply !

So, after much persuasion she only told me that her mother wasn't there. I looked around and not seeing anybody handed over a ten rupee note to her and told her to do whatever she wanted with that and sensing that she was hungry i bought a banana for her as well. I investigated a little from the people working around about her parents and came to know that she didnt has a father and that her mother was a housemaid. She was off to work.

What i fail to understand here is that how can a mother leave a child so young without anyone to take care of her ? Answers can be many - justified to some and not to others. We can debate on the possible solutions for that woman but you never know under what circumstances she had to leave her kid ! Anything would've happened, horrible things would've happened. I am sure she has her reasons but we should not forget - "Human being is the strongest of all creatures but only after they grow up, a human baby is the most fragile, helpless and vulnerable of all"

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