Friday, 26 August 2011

This is my new number !

"This is my new number. Guys plz save it and be in touch."

U know what i replied ?!@#$

"Yeah Superman ! I saved your number"

No seriously ! How common is it that people send you messages about their new number and forget to mention "whose number" ! I am sure at the time of sending such a message they are far too busy in letting all their friends know about their changed number that they totally forget about telling them their name.

Here are a few examples -

"Hey guys ! This is my new number ! Cheers !"

"Hello ! U can now reach me on this number !"

"Hi people ! M available here now ! Lets rock !"

"Please save my new number. Take care n have fun."

And the best part is when confronted with the question "Who is this", they'll reply -

"Loser its me !" (Oh yes! Its u ! James bond !)

"Its me ! U idiot ! How can you forget ?" (I cant get to remember in the first place)

"Dont talk to me again" (I cant unless i know whom m talking to )

"This is it ! U always behave like this ! This is frustrating !" (Yeah ! Same here !)

"Come on ! How can u talk to me like that !" (Of course i can ! I dont know you !)

And all the while my mind keeps on screaming - "Abe naam to bata de"
The bottom line is friends always take friends for granted (It also includes "must-be-dead-by-now" friends)

P.S - The "This is it ! U always behave like this ! This is frustrating !" message was a girl's message !

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