Tuesday, 23 August 2011

This too shall pass

An ironic phrase as quoted by the great poet, philosopher and writer William Shakespeare holds a thread of hope for the miserable and a heart sinking feeling for the hopeful !

Last week while on a trip to Jodhpur i saw a perfect example depicting it. Rain was pouring (Monsoon is here) and i was visiting countryside, it was a pretty beautiful weather (least expected in Jodhpur and a rare occurrence near Jaisalmer). As happy as i was, i started conversing with the camelboy (An eight year old owner of the camel that i was riding) stating how beautiful and rare such weather is here and hoping to get a similar response.

To my astonishment he said - " Yahan to madam aisa hi hai, jab monsoon khatam hoga tabhi tourist ayenge dec., jan. mein kuch kamayi hogi" (Tourists stream in after the monsoon season during december and january and the income starts coming in).

And i thought people in a place like that can only hope for rain but he proved me wrong. They are hopeful for the rain as it brings vegetation for their cattle and a relief from the scorching heat, at the same time they wait for the monsoon to get over so that their income from tourism starts coming in. Its ironical but the phrase "This too shall pass" holds so much significance for them.

Their entire life revolves around this phrase ! Have you ever wondered about the significance of this phrase in your personal life ! If not - start it now and keep me updated !

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