Monday, 19 September 2011

"The FAITH crisis"

Almost everyone, not almost but everyone, at some point of time go through the phase of "Faith crisis".

What is it?

A crisis of faith of course !

Faith in people or faith in yourself ! Following are the characteristic features of a person facing the "Faith crisis" :
  1. He/She starts with arguments upon anything or everything that is said (in a girl's case it is a common phenomenon but just imagine it to be more heightened).
  2. He/She would become a part time detective trying to solve the mysteries that don't even exist (they secretly think that world safety is in their hands).
  3. He/She suspects you upon anything and everything (Even if it is "Going to the loo", they'll ask "Kahan gaye the?")
  4. He/She starts feeling worthless (A girl would constantly repeat only one sentence "You don't love me anymore" and a guy would say "You don't listen to me anymore" or "You don't complete the chores on time, what's the matter")
  5. He/She takes the responsibility of "preserving world peace and love" upon their fragile shoulders.
  6. He/She constantly feel that they are being followed by some secret agent.
  7. He/She starts listening to "Hard rock" or in more classical cases "Pankaj udhas".
  8. Last but not the least he/she turns "Spiritual" (No offence to spiritualists, i am myself one, here i am referring to fake spiritualism)
People going through "The faith crisis" constantly live in denial, faking that everything is normal and everything is alright. Until they are woken by some self realizing discovery of their own (Oops ! "Self realizing" is always one's "own")

Why do people need to build faith in others anyway ???

Are they looking out for some shoulders to cry on when every situation is against them? Or are they trying to soothe themselves with the fact that people care (When they don't actually)?

I myself was in a "Faith crisis" once. Problem with being in the "faith crisis" is that you don't know when you enter it and when you exit it. Then i realized some very basic and simple facts :
  1. Do your "Faith crisis" involve a lack of faith in other people? If "yes", you are in a serious trouble and desperately need a self analysis !
  2. Why do you need to build faith anyway? Why not let the charity begin at home?
  3. People do what they have to and there's no stopping them. So, why even try and waste all the energy that you can utilize for yourself?
  4. People need space, but, how much and for how long totally depends on them.
  5. Just don't try to interfere with nature's way of dealing with things, flow with it.
  6. Everyone is an individual and they live for themselves more than for anybody else, you have to respect everyone's individuality.
  7. Let people (When i say "people" it includes you too) make their choices, its their life after all.
  8. Instead of doting on them dot on yourself for a change, you'll feel good.
  9. Only you are responsible for whatever happens to you, so don't try to find somebody to blame it upon.
  10. Love the moments of happiness and analyze the bad ones over and over again !
  11. Learn not to forget but forgive.
  12. Turn "Spiritual" ! It helps.
Like i said many times before life looks beautiful in all its colors, so cherish every phase of it (Even if it includes you "living in denial" and going through "The faith crisis")

P.S. Becoming a part-time detective doesn't literally mean turning into a part-time detective for real ! 

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