Wednesday, 7 September 2011

People say !

People say a lot of things ! People say without thinking ! People say just like that ! People say things to impress people ! People say irrelevent things ! People say just for the sake of it ! People say coz they dont have anything to say ! People say ! People judge ! People form opinions !

But, do people ever think about what they say ? Do you?

"10:17 am; Wednesday; September 7, 2011 - A bomb blast outside Delhi HC : 11 dead, 76 injured"

What do people have to say about this?
Oh they have plenty to talk about !

RJ was right after all. People forget easily, They'll go home as usual, update their facebook status, watch their favourite TV serial / movie, party and go to sleep !

With the exception of a handful !

People just say ! When its time to ACT !

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