Friday, 16 September 2011

Touch the sky !

The other day i was feeling very sad and so i decided to take a walk in the park (I always go for a walk or jog when i am down). There were some kids playing around and taking swings and slides. I strolled about for sometime and feeling exhausted sat in a swing, slowly and unconsciously i started swinging.

After sometime while swinging i dropped my head backwards (as it was heavy with cloudy thoughts) and started to look up towards the sky. The stars had come up by then and every time i pushed the swing to and fro, the stars seemed closer. I was hypnotized and started to swing faster and with more force as if trying to get to the stars, they did come closer each time.

It was so exciting and mesmerizing that i lost track of time, all i wanted to do was touch the sky and grab the stars. It was a feeling that i never experienced in my entire life. An instant mood booster.

So, next time when you feel sad just take a trip to the stars !!!!

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