Wednesday, 20 March 2013

5 Things most people misjudge !

Einstein once said " Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one " ! I would say " Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one and different for different people ! What's real for you may not be real for me !!!

So here is the list of things that people generally think would work in particular situations, instead fail hopelessly :

1. Whining : Some people have a tendency to whine constantly, either about their life, their work or relationships !!!! Whenever they're sitting in a group they start with the sad stories !!!

What they think people are thinking -"Oh my God (I hate the shorter OMG) ! This person is so sad, what a poor fellow ! Needs our help "

What people are actually thinking -"Oh my God ! Here he goes again ! God save us ! What a crib !"

Lesson : Only YOU have the solution to your problems, all others are just spectators

2. Blaming : Nobody is perfect ! People do mistakes, some learn from them, some get over ! But nobody can make them realize ! So stop BLAMING !!!

What they think people they blame are thinking -"Oh no ! What have i done ! M a bad person. Whatever he/she is saying makes perfect sense ! Opened my eyes!"

What people are actually thinking -"C'mon as if........ ! this has become a habit now, cribbing constantly ! Loser !"

Lesson : People love you or hate you according to their mood & need, they'll realize what they did wrong (if it fits their definition of being wrong) only when they want to not when u deliver an eye opening speech ! So, stay back n if situation is too tough to handle jus walk away ! More worth !

3. Making your emotions a public spectacle: Updates that reveal your psychological state or to be more precise "Mental health"

What they think people they're targeting thinking-"Its a pity how emotional this person is, how sensitive and see he /she still thinks bout me/love me/hate me or whatever"

What people are actually thinking (after a big bout of laughter that literally make u fall from the couch-it actually happened with me when one of my loser frends chucked me from his frend's list)-
"Seriously????? I mean grow up"

Lesson : Focus on YOURSELF more ! you'll be more happy and satisfied ! do something constructive, something that adds value to your life rather than dwelling over losers !

4. Being the agony aunt: Some people (especially some loser boys who dnt have enough substance to impress girls resort to this theory) who play everybody's frend, like you can go to them with any problem and they'll be happy to help.

What they think people are thinking-"he/she cares bout me so much ! I can completely rely over him/her"

What people are actually thinking-"Give me a break u big mouth ! now u're an expert on advising or what"

Lesson : Maintain a distance ! All that these losers do is manipulate, keep your thoughts clear, focused and simple.

5. Gossiping : People who cannot resist talking bout people just for the sake of it.

What they think people are thinking-"Wow ! He/she is so much fun"

What people are actually thinking-"A headache ! What's this person's credibility? He/she is gossiping bout XYZ in front of me, what he/she might be talking about behind my back ? Hopeless"

Lesson : What we speak becomes our habit and it starts reflecting in our personality and outlook ! Keep it positive and all good things would start happening to you !

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Being Enlightened - The Easy Way !!!!

They say "Getting drunk gives u the exact feeling that u get when u get enlightened"!!!!

Then why fuss over being enlightened and getting Moksha ???? Why not get drunk and have all the fun ???

Why fuss over the circle of life and death ???? Why not live the beautiful life that u're so afraid to lose over and over again ????

Live ! Love ! Get hurt !! Get back up again !!! Have wonderful experiences !!! Do wat u want !!! Go travel the world !!!

Why want to give this all up while u still have chances to do wat exactly u want to do !!! Why do u want to get "Moksha" when u can experience how exactly it feels wen u get it wen u still have it ????

So, people next time u go to temples and pray for salvation jus remind urself - " Be good ! Do good !! Live ! Love ! Get hurt !! Get drunk !!! Hve the feeling cz u reallly dnt have to give up this wonderful life for a stupid feeling called "Getting Liberated" !!!

Live and be liberated !!! Stop worshipping stupid stones instead get drunk - more worth !!!!

P.S. Through above post it is not suggested that people should resort to drinking !!! It is jus used as an example to tell people that things about which people usually go bonkers are not so great after all !!! So live ur life and make it worth while u can !!!!