Monday, 19 September 2011

"The FAITH crisis"

Almost everyone, not almost but everyone, at some point of time go through the phase of "Faith crisis".

What is it?

A crisis of faith of course !

Faith in people or faith in yourself ! Following are the characteristic features of a person facing the "Faith crisis" :
  1. He/She starts with arguments upon anything or everything that is said (in a girl's case it is a common phenomenon but just imagine it to be more heightened).
  2. He/She would become a part time detective trying to solve the mysteries that don't even exist (they secretly think that world safety is in their hands).
  3. He/She suspects you upon anything and everything (Even if it is "Going to the loo", they'll ask "Kahan gaye the?")
  4. He/She starts feeling worthless (A girl would constantly repeat only one sentence "You don't love me anymore" and a guy would say "You don't listen to me anymore" or "You don't complete the chores on time, what's the matter")
  5. He/She takes the responsibility of "preserving world peace and love" upon their fragile shoulders.
  6. He/She constantly feel that they are being followed by some secret agent.
  7. He/She starts listening to "Hard rock" or in more classical cases "Pankaj udhas".
  8. Last but not the least he/she turns "Spiritual" (No offence to spiritualists, i am myself one, here i am referring to fake spiritualism)
People going through "The faith crisis" constantly live in denial, faking that everything is normal and everything is alright. Until they are woken by some self realizing discovery of their own (Oops ! "Self realizing" is always one's "own")

Why do people need to build faith in others anyway ???

Are they looking out for some shoulders to cry on when every situation is against them? Or are they trying to soothe themselves with the fact that people care (When they don't actually)?

I myself was in a "Faith crisis" once. Problem with being in the "faith crisis" is that you don't know when you enter it and when you exit it. Then i realized some very basic and simple facts :
  1. Do your "Faith crisis" involve a lack of faith in other people? If "yes", you are in a serious trouble and desperately need a self analysis !
  2. Why do you need to build faith anyway? Why not let the charity begin at home?
  3. People do what they have to and there's no stopping them. So, why even try and waste all the energy that you can utilize for yourself?
  4. People need space, but, how much and for how long totally depends on them.
  5. Just don't try to interfere with nature's way of dealing with things, flow with it.
  6. Everyone is an individual and they live for themselves more than for anybody else, you have to respect everyone's individuality.
  7. Let people (When i say "people" it includes you too) make their choices, its their life after all.
  8. Instead of doting on them dot on yourself for a change, you'll feel good.
  9. Only you are responsible for whatever happens to you, so don't try to find somebody to blame it upon.
  10. Love the moments of happiness and analyze the bad ones over and over again !
  11. Learn not to forget but forgive.
  12. Turn "Spiritual" ! It helps.
Like i said many times before life looks beautiful in all its colors, so cherish every phase of it (Even if it includes you "living in denial" and going through "The faith crisis")

P.S. Becoming a part-time detective doesn't literally mean turning into a part-time detective for real ! 

Friday, 16 September 2011

Touch the sky !

The other day i was feeling very sad and so i decided to take a walk in the park (I always go for a walk or jog when i am down). There were some kids playing around and taking swings and slides. I strolled about for sometime and feeling exhausted sat in a swing, slowly and unconsciously i started swinging.

After sometime while swinging i dropped my head backwards (as it was heavy with cloudy thoughts) and started to look up towards the sky. The stars had come up by then and every time i pushed the swing to and fro, the stars seemed closer. I was hypnotized and started to swing faster and with more force as if trying to get to the stars, they did come closer each time.

It was so exciting and mesmerizing that i lost track of time, all i wanted to do was touch the sky and grab the stars. It was a feeling that i never experienced in my entire life. An instant mood booster.

So, next time when you feel sad just take a trip to the stars !!!!

A taste to die for !

Have you ever tried "sweet with sweet", "hot with cold" and "sweet with sour" ???

Try it ! You'll love it ! I've been doing it since my chilhood !

Here are some :

1. Honey on bread / chapati
2. Tomato ketchup with rice
3. Egg white on buttered toast
4. Powdered jaggery sprinkled on kheer (Courtesy : Dadji)
5. Kheer with Sweet pooda (a parantha made up of sugar n flour) - Coutesy : Dadji
6. Gulab Jamun with ice-cream
7. Mango sliced in cubes with ice-cream

Sometimes the most awkward and weird combinations are the best !

P.S. Maggie and cold coffee are still my all time favourite !

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

People say !

People say a lot of things ! People say without thinking ! People say just like that ! People say things to impress people ! People say irrelevent things ! People say just for the sake of it ! People say coz they dont have anything to say ! People say ! People judge ! People form opinions !

But, do people ever think about what they say ? Do you?

"10:17 am; Wednesday; September 7, 2011 - A bomb blast outside Delhi HC : 11 dead, 76 injured"

What do people have to say about this?
Oh they have plenty to talk about !

RJ was right after all. People forget easily, They'll go home as usual, update their facebook status, watch their favourite TV serial / movie, party and go to sleep !

With the exception of a handful !

People just say ! When its time to ACT !

Friday, 2 September 2011

Height of being dumb !

At a book store :
  • After picking up a recipe book ,"Are you sure it tells how to cook good food?"
  • "Oh i dont go for fiction, can you get Mills & Boons collection for me?"
  • "I dont remember the name of that book exactly, i guess its Sydney Sheldon"
  • "I want real spiritual stuff, something like - power yoga !"
At airport :
  • "I wonder what the hell so many planes are doing here !"
  • Flyer (frustrated by a faulty air conditioner) to flight attendent - "Does anything work in this plane?". Flight attendent - "I hope engine does"
  • "Do they have washrooms here?"
  • "Oh my god where are they taking my luggage !"

Monday, 29 August 2011


It was a hot afternoon sometime around May and i had to go visit a doctor. I still had some time so i decided to take a stroll outside as it was very suffocating in the waiting lounge (I needed some air, not that i njoy being in hot sun !)

I heard a faint voice, it was somenbody crying, as i followed it i saw a little girl (must be around 4-5 yrs of age) lying on a pile of sand (some construction work was going on there). You can imagine how hot sand can get under the sun ! So i rushed to her asking why she was crying and why she was lying there but she didnot reply. I asked her about her parents but still no reply !

So, after much persuasion she only told me that her mother wasn't there. I looked around and not seeing anybody handed over a ten rupee note to her and told her to do whatever she wanted with that and sensing that she was hungry i bought a banana for her as well. I investigated a little from the people working around about her parents and came to know that she didnt has a father and that her mother was a housemaid. She was off to work.

What i fail to understand here is that how can a mother leave a child so young without anyone to take care of her ? Answers can be many - justified to some and not to others. We can debate on the possible solutions for that woman but you never know under what circumstances she had to leave her kid ! Anything would've happened, horrible things would've happened. I am sure she has her reasons but we should not forget - "Human being is the strongest of all creatures but only after they grow up, a human baby is the most fragile, helpless and vulnerable of all"

Friday, 26 August 2011

This is my new number !

"This is my new number. Guys plz save it and be in touch."

U know what i replied ?!@#$

"Yeah Superman ! I saved your number"

No seriously ! How common is it that people send you messages about their new number and forget to mention "whose number" ! I am sure at the time of sending such a message they are far too busy in letting all their friends know about their changed number that they totally forget about telling them their name.

Here are a few examples -

"Hey guys ! This is my new number ! Cheers !"

"Hello ! U can now reach me on this number !"

"Hi people ! M available here now ! Lets rock !"

"Please save my new number. Take care n have fun."

And the best part is when confronted with the question "Who is this", they'll reply -

"Loser its me !" (Oh yes! Its u ! James bond !)

"Its me ! U idiot ! How can you forget ?" (I cant get to remember in the first place)

"Dont talk to me again" (I cant unless i know whom m talking to )

"This is it ! U always behave like this ! This is frustrating !" (Yeah ! Same here !)

"Come on ! How can u talk to me like that !" (Of course i can ! I dont know you !)

And all the while my mind keeps on screaming - "Abe naam to bata de"
The bottom line is friends always take friends for granted (It also includes "must-be-dead-by-now" friends)

P.S - The "This is it ! U always behave like this ! This is frustrating !" message was a girl's message !

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

This too shall pass

An ironic phrase as quoted by the great poet, philosopher and writer William Shakespeare holds a thread of hope for the miserable and a heart sinking feeling for the hopeful !

Last week while on a trip to Jodhpur i saw a perfect example depicting it. Rain was pouring (Monsoon is here) and i was visiting countryside, it was a pretty beautiful weather (least expected in Jodhpur and a rare occurrence near Jaisalmer). As happy as i was, i started conversing with the camelboy (An eight year old owner of the camel that i was riding) stating how beautiful and rare such weather is here and hoping to get a similar response.

To my astonishment he said - " Yahan to madam aisa hi hai, jab monsoon khatam hoga tabhi tourist ayenge dec., jan. mein kuch kamayi hogi" (Tourists stream in after the monsoon season during december and january and the income starts coming in).

And i thought people in a place like that can only hope for rain but he proved me wrong. They are hopeful for the rain as it brings vegetation for their cattle and a relief from the scorching heat, at the same time they wait for the monsoon to get over so that their income from tourism starts coming in. Its ironical but the phrase "This too shall pass" holds so much significance for them.

Their entire life revolves around this phrase ! Have you ever wondered about the significance of this phrase in your personal life ! If not - start it now and keep me updated !