The boy in the white pyjama

My daughter, a shy little girl barely had any friends when he moved next door to us. The boy in the white pyjamas, this is how I have always seen him, early in the morning when I left for work and late in the evening when I came back. Though he was not a very social child, I could see a lot of interaction in his eyes. He would keep staring at a distance like in a deep thought or may be planning for the next game he would play. The day after they moved in our building next to our apartment, I decided to pay a visit like a good neighbour. I learnt that day that both his parents were working professionals like us, he was with his nanny at that time. So, I just had a little conversation with the boy introducing myself and my shy little girl. After dropping a little invitation card with the nanny for his parents to dine with us, I decided to head out to the grocery store.

It was a nice get together and our new neighbours seemed to be nice people. His mother gelled up well with me instantl…

Be A Nobody

One fine afternoon, when I came back from one of my daily adventurous colony trips, I saw a white ambassador parked at our front. I sighed deeply because I knew who it was, my dreadful uncle who knew exactly how to demean little children as myself who were always been mediocre. Somehow, he had that right to make kids feel awful about themselves because his own children were a level above the genius. He used that right quite liberally. With a heavy heart and equally heavy footsteps, I crossed the front door that opened in the hallway. As I stood spying from behind the curtain, I could listen to the quiet murmur from my mother interrupted by high-pitched voice from my father and the great uncle. So, he was finally successful in making my parents believe that their child was a mediocre and since I particularly detested mathematics, he cashed in his brownie points. And then came that most dreaded moment which I hated the most and which eventually became one of the worst memories of my ch…

A page from MSner's diary!

As I woke up today from my bed, whole world seemed to swirl around me. Scared, I closed my eyes immediately and a horribly confused thought crossed my mind - is it just the hangover from the last night's party or another relapse! Gathering strength and reassurance, I slowly raised my shivering body out of the bed. I spent the rest 12 hours of the day balancing my mind and running through the tiniest detail or deterioration if I must put it that way more clearly, in my health over the past few days, that I may have ignored due to increasing work pressure. The tip of my fingers did feel numb and every now and then I would feel my head suddenly going out of balance and so did my body.

I finally decided to see my doctor in the evening. As a usual practice, he asked me to walk over a straight line which I clearly couldn't. He scribbled down the same set of medications that I always have. What I couldn't understand was, why was I getting these symptoms when I take my medication…