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Something Borrowed

So, most part of this article is written by a very good friend. I am a third person trying to connect this to MS. Yes! MS! That’s a large chunk of my life and everyone fighting from it. So, here it goes-

“Don’t we ever get tired of this pretense. All this pretending all the time! We have surrounded ourselves with so much of it, that now we don’t know which is which. So far down the rabbit hole we are, that we put up thoughts, out there, little bitty bytes, of a person we are with or a place we are at or a situation we are in, making it sound like a fairy tale we imagine it to be and NOT what it really is. The truth, no longer exists, because in each little itsy bitsy mind out there, in each of those tiny brains, their own parents are the best parents, their husbands are the awesomest husbands, their kids are the cutest, their events are the hottest, their trips are the most wander-lusty, they’re striking a pose that no one else ever posed before, they are doing a thing, that is so am…