Friday, 25 May 2012

When We Have Nothing To Talk About !

Have u ever wondered just how many times we utter those two words - " Aur Sunao " ! Isn't it the heights of being vella (idle)????

Suppose you call somebody and after that brief conversation about each other's well being there's actually nothing to talk about, u still don't hang up ! Now when your mind is racing in a desperate attempt to find some words suddenly your mouth finds a solution and here comes the filler, our very own favorite two words - "Aur Sunao" !

Now this is the beginning of all misery ! How ??? 
  • Leads to unnecessary gossip sometimes even character assassination of some poor soul.
  • Leads to long phone calls which in turn robs you of the precious money that you would've otherwise spent on a nice stress busting outing, or a few more drops of petrol in present day scenario !
  • Leads to unnecessary arguments, mostly about a third person.
  • Most of all its a great source of time wastage.
Apart from creating that unnoticed irritation these two words can create a hell lot of damage than you can ever think of ! Suddenly your mind starts searching for some past events (if they are pleasant then its OK but if something bad comes up you're in for deep trouble) and having made some assumptions it prepares for an unproductive argument ! Those moments of silence in between can create a mix of emotions for both the caller and receiver !

So people it is always better to hang up than to indulge in unnecessary gossip if you don't have anything relevant to talk about ! Avoid the use of those two words - "Aur sunao" !