Thursday, 10 January 2013

Being Enlightened - The Easy Way !!!!

They say "Getting drunk gives u the exact feeling that u get when u get enlightened"!!!!

Then why fuss over being enlightened and getting Moksha ???? Why not get drunk and have all the fun ???

Why fuss over the circle of life and death ???? Why not live the beautiful life that u're so afraid to lose over and over again ????

Live ! Love ! Get hurt !! Get back up again !!! Have wonderful experiences !!! Do wat u want !!! Go travel the world !!!

Why want to give this all up while u still have chances to do wat exactly u want to do !!! Why do u want to get "Moksha" when u can experience how exactly it feels wen u get it wen u still have it ????

So, people next time u go to temples and pray for salvation jus remind urself - " Be good ! Do good !! Live ! Love ! Get hurt !! Get drunk !!! Hve the feeling cz u reallly dnt have to give up this wonderful life for a stupid feeling called "Getting Liberated" !!!

Live and be liberated !!! Stop worshipping stupid stones instead get drunk - more worth !!!!

P.S. Through above post it is not suggested that people should resort to drinking !!! It is jus used as an example to tell people that things about which people usually go bonkers are not so great after all !!! So live ur life and make it worth while u can !!!!