Be A Nobody

One fine afternoon, when I came back from one of my daily adventurous colony trips, I saw a white ambassador parked at our front. I sighed deeply because I knew who it was, my dreadful uncle who knew exactly how to demean little children as myself who were always been mediocre. Somehow, he had that right to make kids feel awful about themselves because his own children were a level above the genius. He used that right quite liberally. With a heavy heart and equally heavy footsteps, I crossed the front door that opened in the hallway. As I stood spying from behind the curtain, I could listen to the quiet murmur from my mother interrupted by high-pitched voice from my father and the great uncle. So, he was finally successful in making my parents believe that their child was a mediocre and since I particularly detested mathematics, he cashed in his brownie points. And then came that most dreaded moment which I hated the most and which eventually became one of the worst memories of my childhood - I was called in for an informal test that my uncle took so much pleasure in. As always, I had no satisfactory answer to his plotted out of the league questions and the conversation ended with a -"When you grow up my dear, you have to prove yourself to the world. What would you become?" To this my inner voice would instantly scream -"I would be a nobody".

And now that I have outgrown that age and era, after many years of trying to be somebody perfect to everyone, I have finally started listening to my inner voice which always told me to be a nobody. One of the survival tactics that I have learnt while fighting MS is that you can't be perfect let alone be somebody perfect or near being perfect so why to stress yourself in the process? Make your health and yourself the priority, be a nobody to everybody. Save yourself the stress and anxiety about what people would think about you, believe me nobody gives you that much importance. You won't be talked about for more than five minutes. Do not make your poor brain struggle a lifetime thinking about those five minutes. Be happy & be a NOBODY!


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